This site is a brief introduction to techniques for data organisation, graphics and analyses, including:

  • how to organise your data during data entry
  • how to manipulate and manage your data so there is transparency and version control
  • instructions for running statistical analyses with sample code in R or other relevant software (first see Getting started with R)
  • the rationale for the technique in plain language (why is it used)
  • how to interpret the results and assumptions that you need to check
  • visualisation of your results and ways to effectively communicate the results in scientific reports or publications
  • where to go for further help

See the site map for a full list of pages, and if you’re interested in the raw Rmarkdown files, they are on this github repository.

This site integrates different techniques used by researchers and postgraduates at the University of New South Wales, Australia, who have provided their knowledge and skills to assist others develop skills for rigorous environmental science.

Some resources were developed initially to assist with teaching quantitative skills to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at UNSW, supported by a Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant to Associate Professor Alistair Poore, Associate Professor Will Cornwell, Professor Iain Suthers and Professor Richard Kingsford.

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Page authors: Keryn Bain, Rachel Blakey, Stephanie Brodie, Corey Callaghan, Will Cornwell, Kingsley Griffin, Matt Holland, James Lavender, Andrew Letten, Mitchell Lyons, Shaun Nielsen, Shinichi Nakagawa, Dan Noble, Alistair Poore, Gordana Popovic, Fiona Robinson and Jakub Stoklosa. ¬†And thanks to Claire Sives for our “computer-tree” logo.

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